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The digital advertising tech company beachside offices in Ventura, Calif., clear out during lunchtime for surfing lessons, biking, and yoga activities. And if that isn’t enough, employees from all over the country get flown into Ventura for a week of company-wide activities each year. Almost all employees say they love working at The Trade Desk, thanks to good bosses and company-wide communication. Women work at all levels of the company and hold 30% of executive positions. Read the Great Place to Work review.

Company Info

Advertising & Marketing
Industry Sector
HQ Location
Ventura, California
Year Founded2,009
Company Type
Web Address
Best Companies Rank
Best Companies URL-
Total Number of Employees
Number of Female Employees84
% of Women in the Company39%
% of Women in Executive Positions30%
% of Women in Manager Positions46%