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    This sales and marketing software provider wants its employees to live the dream — whatever that might be. In its so-called dream room, staff members are encouraged to write their personal aspirations on a wall and to take out inspirational books from a library therein contained. The company offers 84 days of maternity leave and fully covers the health care costs of its workers. “We believe in people and their dreams,” is one of the firm’s core tenets. Read the Great Place to Work review.

    Company Info

    Information Technology
    Industry Sector
    HQ Location
    Chandler, Arizona
    Year Founded2,001
    Company Type
    $58.8 million
    Web Address
    Best Companies Rank
    Best Companies URL-
    Total Number of Employees
    Number of Female Employees167
    % of Women in the Company31%
    % of Women in Executive Positions11%
    % of Women in Manager Positions31%