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    The Rochester, NY-based marketing and advertising company founded by CEO Lauren Dixon has just 85 employees, of which 52 are women, who also account for 77% of management roles. “Dixon Schwabl’s philosophy about hiring new employees is built on the firm’s 5 core values: respect, integrity, teamwork, community, and fun,” according to an employee. “The agency looks for the ‘wow’ in prospective employees!” Read the Great Place to Work review.

    Company Info

    Advertising & Marketing
    Industry Sector
    HQ Location
    Victor, New York
    Year Founded1,987
    Company Type
    $53.3 million
    Web Address
    Best Companies Rank
    Best Companies URL-
    Total Number of Employees
    Number of Female Employees52
    % of Women in the Company61%
    % of Women in Executive Positions63%
    % of Women in Manager Positions77%