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“It is wonderful to work for an employer that lets employees of all cultures, age-groups, or skill sets contribute in meaningful ways. Ideas and goals don’t just need to come from executives as everyone’s voices can be heard. It is comforting to see how the ‘greatest generation’ employees work side-by-side with the ‘millennials’ and how not just the ‘baby boomers’ hold positions of executive management. This company ‘walks the walk’ and doesn’t need to boast of its success within its communities or within the industry because our neighbors and peers recognize how NuStar employees are leaders and contributors within its communities without even being asked to get involved. It is such a blessing to work with great people, floor-to-floor, coast-to-coast, country-to country,” says an employee of this pipeline operator.


“There’s a great sense of teamwork at NuStar. When times are great, employees work together to keep it great. When times aren’t as great, employees pull together to identify effective projects, keep on budget, cut costs, etc. to get the company where it needs to be. And, it’s not just a few employees doing their part… everyone works hard from the top down. I think all employees want NuStar to shine because it’s such a great company and we’re all really appreciative. There’s no question that we have the best benefits, best leadership, best working conditions in the industry. We’re a big family and each member cares about the other,” explains another worker.


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Company Info

Year founded
HQ location
San Antonio, TX
U.S. employees1,235
Web address

Retirement Program

Retiree health insurance
Long-term care insurance
Phased retirement programs
Defined benefit pension plan
Retirement planning resources
401(k) or 403(b) plan
Company matches employee contribution
% matched100%
Up to X% of employee salary6%
Internal promotion rate4%