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“The Employee Stock Ownership Plan is an outstanding benefit. My company is entirely employee-owned and all profits made by the company go back into the employee’s retirement account and shared dividends. This incentive program leads to a true sense of ownership and pride in the company. Everyone is focused on the bottom-line because we all have a stake in doing what is right and earning for ourselves,” explains one employee at this engineering design firm based in Kansas City, Mo.


“I have one word—ownership. I started at Burns & Mac as an intern. Next year I will retire with over 34 years of service. I have lived it. Employee ownership works. I am sorry to say it but I feel you cannot understand it without experiencing it. I am blessed. I have seen our competitors claim to be employee owned but typically stock is distributed to only a few employees. Really?! Burns & Mac stock is distributed openly and fairly to everyone. Yes, everyone. Our clients benefit because at Burns & Mac everyone acts like an owner and pitches in. We act as if we are all in the same boat—because we are! Real ownership is the ‘secret sauce.’ It is simple. It is true,” says another employee.


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Company Info

Year founded
HQ location
Kansas City, MO
U.S. employees4,973
Web address

Retirement Program

Retiree health insurance
Long-term care insurance
Phased retirement programs
Defined benefit pension plan
Retirement planning resources
401(k) or 403(b) plan
Company matches employee contribution
% matched50%
Up to X% of employee salary6.5%
Internal promotion rate19%