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    Complimentary travel is only one of the many perks that this Chicago-based hotel chain offers. Employees at the hotel’s 155 U.S. locations have access to personal concierge services, rest and relaxation lounges, and complimentary spa treatments. The corporation matches 100 percent of workers’ 401(k) contributions, and the company’s insurance covers both subsidize prescription drugs and fertility treatments. “When you work in a hospitality field, you hear a lot of companies talk about how it feels like a family,” said Washington D.C. general manager Gail Smith-Howard, who has been with the company for 35 years. “However, working with Hyatt is truly like that. I’ve met friends, but also mentors. And you don’t find those connections with every single company that one would work for.” Read “Hyatt’s one-person welcoming committee.” Also read the Great Place to Work review.

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    Company Information

    HQ Location
    Chicago, Ill.
    Type of Organization
    Year Founded1,957
    Web Address
    Total # of Employees


    % of Hispanic/Latino employees surveyed who say it's a great workplace96%
    % Hispanic/Latino28%
    % of Women50%
    % of Women in Executive Positions48%
    % of Women in Manager Positions13%
    % of Minorities60%
    % of Minorities in Executive Positions10%
    % of Minorities in Manager Positions18%