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Employees say:


“When executive and local leaders speak publicly about the importance of developing next generation leaders, inclusion & diversity, etc. those are all things that I see as part of our actual culture, not just something quoted to the press.”


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Company Info

Professional Services
HQ Location
New York, New York
Total # of Employees (Worldwide)200,000
Worldwide Revenue (Most Recent Year) ($M)$26,400,000,000


% of Minorities32%
% of Minority Executives12%
% of Minority front-line managers25%
% of Minority mid-level managers36%
% of Women45%
% of Women Executives21%
% of Women front-line managers40%
% of Women mid-level managers46%
% of Boomers or older11%
% of People with Disabilities4%
% of LGBTQ3%