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    Employees say:


    “Executive leaders are approachable, open and truly embrace the importance of diversity and inclusion in our workplace. They encourage us to bring our whole selves to work. As a result of that, we have greater innovation and a winning culture.”


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    Company Info

    Information Technology
    HQ Location
    Palo Alto, California
    Total # of Employees (Worldwide)50,886
    Worldwide Revenue (Most Recent Year) ($M)$52,000,000,000


    % of Minorities28%
    % of Minority Executives19%
    % of Minority front-line managers33%
    % of Minority mid-level managers22%
    % of Women31%
    % of Women Executives29%
    % of Women front-line managers32%
    % of Women mid-level managers30%
    % of Boomers or older34%
    % of People with Disabilities4%
    % of LGBTQ3%