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Employees say:


“Inclusion is actively encouraged and is an ongoing, open conversation. This is a topic to which many companies only pay “lip service” and I believe BH is on the leading edge of best practices for inclusion and diversity.”


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Company Info

Education & Training
HQ Location
Watertown, Massachusetts
Total # of Employees (Worldwide)32,257
Worldwide Revenue (Most Recent Year) ($M)$1,740,904,000


% of Minorities49%
% of Minority Executives6%
% of Minority front-line managers29%
% of Minority mid-level managers9%
% of Women95%
% of Women Executives67%
% of Women front-line managers93%
% of Women mid-level managers85%
% of Boomers or older13%
% of People with Disabilities6%
% of LGBTQ3%