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Employees say:


“I have been treated as an equal from day one, by all members of my organization, no matter their position. I can talk about any and all issues without fear of retribution or censorship. I am female and I know I am being paid on par with the industry.”


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Company Info

Information Technology
HQ Location
San Jose, California
Total # of Employees (Worldwide)19,007
Worldwide Revenue (Most Recent Year) ($M)-


% of Minorities38%
% of Minority Executives22%
% of Minority front-line managers30%
% of Minority mid-level managers28%
% of Women35%
% of Women Executives23%
% of Women front-line managers38%
% of Women mid-level managers30%
% of Boomers or older11%
% of People with Disabilities4%
% of LGBTQ5%