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    Employees say:


    “Diversity is a buzzword these days. It’s hard to tease out the companies that are doing it because they really believe in it from those that are doing it so they can claim so. Zillow Group belongs to the former. Everyone from the CEO down to my VP seems to really believe in it and are doing it because it’s the right thing to do.”


    “Zillow Group’s leadership fosters a culture of innovation and forward thinking, which affords me the opportunity to work on interesting, complex, and meaningful matters on a daily basis. I feel invested in the growth and success of our company. Of course, people are what make any organization great, and I feel lucky to be surrounded by employees that are smart, talented, and equally committed to the success of our company. I am also lucky to work for a company that celebrates my achievements (and those of my co-workers) often and in many different ways. Executives are quick to express praise and appreciation for hard work and will always point out the accomplishments and effort of their team in lieu of taking credit themselves.”


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    Company Info

    HQ Location
    Information Technology
    Year Founded2,006
    # Work Sites8
    Web Address
    Revenue (Most Recent Year)
    $847 million


    Minority Executives-
    Minority front-line managers-
    Minority mid-level managers-
    Women Executives30%
    Women front-line managers40%
    Women mid-level managers38%
    Boomers or older3%