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Employees say:


“Stryker focuses on utilizing and improving an employee’s strengths rather than scrutinizing weaknesses. Managers give concrete feedback on ways to improve, but they also help ensure your job allows you to use your strengths and do what you do best.”


“People are given a great deal of autonomy in their roles. In all the roles I’ve had, I’ve felt it was up to me how to get my job done. The work we do has an impact on patients and health care providers in stressful situations. We know that no matter what our role in the organization, we are contributing to better health care. Managers and team members care about one another as people. It it is a fantastic place to come to work everyday.”


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Company Info

HQ Location
Kalamazoo, Mich.
Manufacturing & Production
Year Founded1,941
# Work Sites188
Web Address
Revenue (Most Recent Year)
$11325 million


Minority Executives10%
Minority front-line managers17%
Minority mid-level managers12%
Women Executives17%
Women front-line managers34%
Women mid-level managers28%
Boomers or older17%