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    Employees say:


    “Regardless of background and beliefs, the expected character of employees in the workplace includes respect, encouragement, and fairness. I’ve witnessed and been part of the growth of this company and while no company is perfect, SAS comes very close.”


    “I have been with the company for almost 35 years and have had continued opportunities to learn since I started. I never feel stifled in my work or work growth. I’m especially lucky to work with such a great team built from very diverse people where egos are not involved.”


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    Company Info

    HQ Location
    Cary, N.C.
    Information Technology
    Year Founded1,976
    # Work Sites44
    Web Address
    Revenue (Most Recent Year)
    $3200 million


    Minority Executives-
    Minority front-line managers-
    Minority mid-level managers-
    Women Executives34%
    Women front-line managers59%
    Women mid-level managers35%
    Boomers or older34%