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Employees say:


“This company truly values me as an employee. I feel like my contributions really matter, and that makes me want to work harder to prove them right.”


“When I first arrived, I was blown away by how everyone at this company is willing to dedicate their time and resources to ensure that every operation is thriving. Within my first week, I had the privilege of personally meeting the president, CEO, most of our executive leadership, and the owner of our company. You can just feel the genuineness of everyone here. They make sure every single person feels, and knows, that they are an integral part of this company.”


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Company Info

HQ Location
Financial Services & Insurance
Year Founded1,986
# Work Sites325
Web Address
Revenue (Most Recent Year)
$758 million


Minority Executives13%
Minority front-line managers29%
Minority mid-level managers54%
Women Executives33%
Women front-line managers71%
Women mid-level managers46%
Boomers or older26%