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    Employees say:


    “The opportunity for growth within the company is extensive. There is no limit on age, gender, or race that would keep you from moving down our inverted pyramid. I am proud as a woman of color to be in such a diverse and inclusive environment.”


    “I respect and am confident in my manager. She truly leads by example and is reasonable and fair. I appreciate the diversity in my workplace. It makes me feel very comfortable. I also appreciate the trust in this company. Everyone is expected to perform at a high level without being micro-managed and treated like children. In return everyone acts and performs responsibly.”


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    Company Info

    HQ Location
    Year Founded1,901
    # Work Sites372
    Web Address
    Revenue (Most Recent Year)
    $14498 million


    Minority Executives14%
    Minority front-line managers39%
    Minority mid-level managers23%
    Women Executives58%
    Women front-line managers70%
    Women mid-level managers65%
    Boomers or older17%