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Employees say:


“The values and culture of the company are role modeled from the top down. We are inspired by our leaders to do our best; to care about our customers, products, and community; and to be leaders at every role and position in the company.”


“Intuit gives employees the autonomy to make decisions based on what they think is best. The autonomy is unique and makes us feel like we’re really making a difference in our jobs. It also gives us the freedom to change our roles as needed for the future.”


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Company Info

HQ Location
Mountain View, Calif.
Information Technology
Year Founded1,983
# Work Sites11
Web Address
Revenue (Most Recent Year)
$5200 million


Minority Executives29%
Minority front-line managers44%
Minority mid-level managers39%
Women Executives30%
Women front-line managers42%
Women mid-level managers39%
Boomers or older14%