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Employees say:


“I am treated fairly regardless of my gender and race. I feel like I belong and that I provide meaningful contributions to the organization. My ideas, suggestions, and comments are not dismissed. I am given many opportunities for development and recognition.”


“My current manager always goes out of his way to recognize the need for different personality types in the work we do, while also teaching us how to relate to others who are different from us. I find this extremely useful when working with my clients. I have enjoyed the many jobs I have had with this company in the last nine years. I have always been given the tools and guidance needed to be at the top of my field. I guess the most important thing I could say about working for Bank of America is I have always been allowed to be me. Even if I think about things differently than most, that is encouraged.”


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Company Info

HQ Location
Charlotte, N.C.
Financial Services & Insurance
Year Founded1,874
# Work Sites4,600
Web Address
Revenue (Most Recent Year)
$83700 million


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