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The HR software company works closely with Florida International University, a school with a student body population that’s 85% minority, to cull talent and hire engineers. Tariq King, a manager of software engineering and a graduate of FIU who now teaches at the school, takes advantage of leadership summits hosted by the company. Soon after attending one of the events, he was promoted to management. And for Tina Brown, a director for consulting management, it is the organization’s diversity that has kept her for 20 years. “Being an African-American woman is hard in a work place,” she said. “For me to come to this environment and feel so welcomed and have my ideas and thoughts heard and not stolen was huge for me.” Read the Great Place to Work review.

Company Information

HQ Location
Weston, Fla.
Information Technology
Type of Organization
Year Founded1,990
Web Address
Total # of Employees
Best Companies Rank21
Best Companies URL/best-companies/ultimate-software-21/


% of Women49%
% of Women in Executive Positions32%
% of Women in Manager Positions10%
% of Minorities38%
% of Minorities in Executive Positions11%
% of Minorities in Manager Positions23%

Race and Ethnicity Groups

% African-American/Black12%
% Asian7%
% Hispanic/Latino17%
% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
% Native American/Alaska Native
% Two or More Races1%
% Caucasian/White62%