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“Work-life balance. There is absolutely no expectation for anybody to work more than 40 hours a week. Xima values family and personal life. The lights shut off at 5:00 pm to encourage everybody to go home and be with their families. That being said, hours are flexible and if someone simply isn’t a morning person, they can come to work at 10, take a lunch, and leave at 7.

We have what we call Xima Fun Fridays (XFF). Each Friday has a theme which is championed by a different employee. Everybody gets an hour and a half (frequently more) off of work to participate. Activities range from a chili cook-off, to basketball tournament, to talent shows, to Justin Timberlake’s birthday. And each month one of the XFF’s has a competition where the winners get entered into the yearly $10k drawing.

Unlimited free soda. Need I say more?

The culture here is awesome. I love being here!” says one employee. Read the Great Place to Work review here.

Company Info

Year founded2,007
HQ location
South Jordan, Utah
Type of organization
Total U.S. employees
Total employees worldwide
Number of work sites
Web address

Flexibility Program

Offers telecommuting
% of employees who telecommute10%
Offers flextime
% of employees who use flextime100%
Offers job sharing
% of employees who use job sharing-
Offers compressed workweeks
% of employees who use compressed workweeks-
Offers phased retirement
% of employees who have used phased retirement-