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“I think SalesRoads has worked hard to create an environment that gives people a flexible work-from-home environment that allows people to achieve their career goals while balancing their personal life. Unlike other call centers that operate in more of a boiler room environment, SalesRoads tries to take the time to develop people and allow them to really achieve their true potential. If people are having a bad day, week or even month, the company works to coach them so that they can grow their skills or work to get them back into a mindset of success. SalesRoads also works to celebrate success. In an industry that can have extremely high turnover people rarely leave SalesRoads because they know it has a unique, ‘familyesq’ environment that really cares about each of the employees,” says one worker. Read the Great Place to Work review here.

Company Info

Professional Services
Telephone Support/Sales Centers
Year founded2,006
HQ location
Coral Springs, Florida
Type of organization
Total U.S. employees
Total employees worldwide
Number of work sites
Web address

Flexibility Program

Offers telecommuting
% of employees who telecommute90%
Offers flextime
% of employees who use flextime100%
Offers job sharing
% of employees who use job sharing-
Offers compressed workweeks
% of employees who use compressed workweeks10%
Offers phased retirement
% of employees who have used phased retirement-