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“PPR has a very unique time off policy. It allows all salaried employees unlimited time off to manage on their own. Many put in hours at all hours of the day and even on their time off but the flexibility and trust this company provides is unprecedented. Additionally, PPR supports you with your needs outside of work and encourages the family unit. They provide eight weeks maternity leave at 100% salary as well as paternity leave for dads to be of two weeks. They have a committee of employees who serve on the insurance committee to consistently look at new things to offer employees in the form of benefits. They are always working to ensure that culture comes first in our business and it shows in those who make the company successful, which is every employee,” says one worker. Read the Great Place to Work review here.

Company Info

Professional Services
Staffing & Recruitment
Year founded1,996
HQ location
Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Type of organization
Total U.S. employees
Total employees worldwide
Number of work sites
Web address

Flexibility Program

Offers telecommuting
% of employees who telecommute15%
Offers flextime
% of employees who use flextime8%
Offers job sharing
% of employees who use job sharing-
Offers compressed workweeks
% of employees who use compressed workweeks1%
Offers phased retirement
% of employees who have used phased retirement-