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    “For me personally, I left a large company to work here. I moved out of the city two years ago to be close to my family. My last company said it wasn’t an issue but eventually wanted me in the office every day whether I was on a project or not. Amaxra, on the other hand, allows me to work from home more often than not, provides me a place to stay when I do come in, and sometimes even flies me in (in their personal plane) to help me avoid traffic. I couldn’t ask for more flexibility and trust than they have given me,” says one worker. Read the Great Place to Work review here.

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    Company Info

    Professional Services
    Year founded2,007
    HQ location
    Redmond, Washington
    Type of organization
    Total U.S. employees
    not released
    Total employees worldwide
    not released
    Number of work sites
    Web address

    Flexibility Program

    Offers telecommuting
    % of employees who telecommute70%
    Offers flextime
    % of employees who use flextime30%
    Offers job sharing
    % of employees who use job sharing-
    Offers compressed workweeks
    % of employees who use compressed workweeks5%
    Offers phased retirement
    % of employees who have used phased retirement-