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    “The greatest thing about my company is their approach to work/life balance. They make sure we are not over doing it but also make sure we work the best of our ability. The best example of this came 4 months when my wife had brain surgery. It was a tough time in my life and the company stood by me on anything and everything I needed (time off for doctor appointments, getting things ready for the surgery etc.) My wife was going to need a care taker after surgery and I wasn’t to sure how I was going to be able to handle going to work (45 min commute both ways) and making sure she was taken care of. I sat down with management and asked if I could work the entire month post surgery from home. This would allow me to be there as much as I could but also continue to do my job. Without a hesitation they said ‘yes.’ There was no discussion or review it was a simple ‘yes.’ I was blown away. It made me have a greater appreciation for the company and actually made me work harder that month for them. Knowing that they had my best interest in mind, my wife, made me want to do better for not just me but for them,” says one worker. Read the Great Place to Work review here.

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    Company Info

    Information Technology
    Year founded2,010
    HQ location
    Austin, Texas
    Type of organization
    Total U.S. employees
    Total employees worldwide
    Number of work sites
    Web address

    Flexibility Program

    Offers telecommuting
    % of employees who telecommute10%
    Offers flextime
    % of employees who use flextime30%
    Offers job sharing
    % of employees who use job sharing-
    Offers compressed workweeks
    % of employees who use compressed workweeks20%
    Offers phased retirement
    % of employees who have used phased retirement-