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“Capital One is “special” and that is what is unique and unusual. The leadership not only visualizes a future and plan upon its execution, it does so with an eye towards its current employees and how such employees may be integrated into those future plans, including providing the necessary content training to ensure that transitioning employees are afforded the first opportunity to contribute to the growth and progress of the Bank. Acquired company employees are not treated as redundant from the outset as is generally the case when companies are acquired. Instead, Capital One recognizes that the legacy of those employees can contribute to the integrated organization and, share its strengths. Living Capital One’s values is, in fact, the realization of who and what Capital One is and what makes it so special,” says an employee.

Company Info

Banking/Credit Services
Year founded
HQ location
McLean, Va.
Type of org
# of work sites
U.S. employees40,407
Global employees45,319
Web address