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    “From a social perspective, I’ve made so many friends at work—we work hard as a team, socialize together, enjoy fun sponsored activities out of the office together, and just generally have a good time. These activities often include significant others, which makes my wife feel as part of the BCG family. Just recently we had an event in NYC with significant others where we stayed in hotels in the city, enjoyed fun cultural / dining / entertainment activities during the day, and had a cruise at night. Just a fun way to promote camaraderie amongst colleagues and make us feel as part of the family,” says one employee. Read the Great Place to Work review.

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    Professional Services
    Consulting - Management
    HQ Location
    Boston, Mass.
    Year Founded1,963
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    Total U.S. Revenues-
    Global Revenues-
    Total # of U.S. Employees
    Total # of World Wide Employees
    # Work Sites/Locations21
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    Best Companies URL/best-companies/the-boston-consulting-group-2/
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