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“Working here I feel free to be myself with no fear of reprisal or humiliation, and this comfort has resulted in countless interesting, ridiculous, and deeply introspective conversations with Rioters I’d never met. I think spending enough time with any group can result in ‘feeling like family’ but at Riot, great hiring and a culture of no-judgement which is genuinely embraced and propagated from management to new hires has allowed me to connect with more people than I would ever have otherwise. It is not a family but a group of best friends—at times we disagree and even fight, but our mutual passions and deep understanding of ourselves and others allows us (definitely me!) to flourish,” says one employee. Read the Great Place to Work review.

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Online Internet Services
HQ Location
Santa Monica, Calif.
Year Founded2,006
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Total U.S. Revenues-
Global Revenues-
Total # of U.S. Employees-
Total # of World Wide Employees-
# Work Sites/Locations3
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Best Companies URL/best-companies/riot-games-13/
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