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“I laughed when I saw the question about celebrating special events. We celebrate anything and everything. It is truly a special place to work and our employee activity committee does a great job coordinating events. Acuity truly has a family atmosphere. We are not only employees, but we are treated like an extended family to the president and CEO, who ultimately makes the final decisions. Our president makes himself available and is very approachable to talk to about personal issues as well as answering any work-related questions. I’ve worked a few different places and never plan to leave this company until retirement forces me to leave. I love it here and sometimes I can’t believe I get paid to be here,” says one employee.

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Company Information

Financial Services & Insurance
General Insurance
HQ Location
Sheboygan, Wis.
Year Founded1,925
Company Type
Total U.S. Revenues
$1.2 billion
Global Revenues
$1.2 billion
Total # of U.S. Employees
Total # of World Wide Employees
# Work Sites/Locations2
Best Companies Rank
Best Companies URL/best-companies/acuity-3/
Web Address