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“NuStar is a good company to work for,” says a baby boomer employee at this oil and gas company. “It has very good benefits and is considerate of individuals and families. The location I am at has a very open door policy as far as working with management and different departments. This atmosphere makes for a good team concept, discussion of ideas, more creative and feeling of trust and cooperation with co-workers. The work environment is friendly, well managed, considerate and makes the working atmosphere good and a place you like to work.”


Says another baby boomer: “NuStar truly treats its employees as if they are special and important. Managers are encouraged to recognize and celebrate employee contributions, support employee community involvement, and actively promote and support employee development. What always moves me, though, is the company’s Safe Fund. This benefit provides a lump sum grant to employees who are experiencing hardships. I’ve seen how it has touched people’s lives and truly made a difference for them. That’s pretty special.”


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Company Info

Year founded
HQ location
San Antonio
Type of org
Transport & Storage
# of work sites
U.S. employees1,235
Global employees1,618
Web address

Baby Boomers in the Organization

# of Boomers309
Boomers as % of total workforce25%