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Says one baby boomer: “The company shares in its success. There have been two 5-year challenges in which all goals were met. The company rewarded all employees for both challenges. This year was the second 5-year and the company rewarded all employees with the same cash benefit from the President down to the receptionist got $100,000 per person, depending on tenure. This is in a downturn period in the oil & gas industry. This shows the commitment to its employees. Hilcorp has an open book management style where everyone knows the company’s financial standings. Hilcorp allows its employees to investment their own money as well. The employee benefits monthly from the revenue of each property as well as increase wealth with an increase in the reserve base. Upon retirement, Hilcorp pays out the vested interest in all vested properties. When Hilcorp wins we all win.”


Hilcorp also appears at No. 61 on the list of the 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials.


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Company Info

Manufacturing & Production
Year founded
HQ location
Type of org-
# of work sites
U.S. employees1,400
Global employees1,400
Web address

Baby Boomers in the Organization

# of Boomers406
Boomers as % of total workforce29%