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Employees say:


“Our team is incredibly open, trusting, and FUN! Spotlight is a place where we can share our perspective and be valued for a new, innovative way of thinking. Spotlight allows employees to thrive in a way that empowers everyone.”


“I truly view this company as my extended family. Our founders have created an organization that not only provides tremendous value to our clients but is also extremely rewarding (extrinsically and intrinsically). The culture they have created is one of true camaraderie, where laughter is constant and spending time together outside of the workplace is the norm. Spotlight is a place that fosters professional development and provides both the support and resources needed to become the next version of ourselves. We are continually encouraged to share and celebrate our individual and collaborative successes. I can honestly say I look forward to going to work every day. It’s a place where I feel valued and where I feel like I can win.”


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Professional Services
U.S. Employees22
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Kansas City, Mo.