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Employees say:


“SlideBelts staff regularly hand out “kudos” to coworkers to recognize them for anything from a positive attitude to assisting someone outside of their duties. There is a definite team spirit at SlideBelts that continues to pervade the organization.”


“SlideBelts is unique because the company itself is young as well as most of the employees who make it up. SlideBelts has a great company culture that is instilled in every employee when hired. All employees are referred to as ‘crusaders,’ which gives you the feeling that you are all working toward a common goal. The 7 Keys, which are values that the company promotes to every employee, help build a positive work environment, and they can also carry over into improving your personal life. The skills and values I’ve learned while working at SlideBelts have honestly helped me greatly in my personal life.”


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Company Info

U.S. Employees30
HQ Location
El Dorado Hills, Calif.