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Employees say:


“The ability for people to define new roles and establish business practices without ‘management’ oversight is pretty unique. We are all empowered to do our jobs and create new opportunities for growth, both personal and for the company.”


“Unifying Mavens, a predominately remote workplace, is a complex challenge that is incorporated seamlessly into our daily working life. Participation in community forums is very frequent, with messages and replies from all levels of the company, even our executives. Sharing both personal and professional successes brings all Mavens together under a unified front and keeps us learning about one another as we build our own lifetime of networks despite our locations across the globe. Every year the entire company gets together in Chicago for the annual Mavens Meetup and spends the week working and learning together. For many of us it is the only time we see one another, but it feels like seeing old friends. It’s a challenge to keep a diverse group together and headed in the same direction even without our geographic distance, but everyone working together and sharing makes me forget how far apart we all are.”


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Information Technology
U.S. Employees57
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