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Employees say:


“Company truly believes that the employees are the reason for the success of the company. They acknowledge and reward their employees frequently and on many levels. Employees are made to feel appreciated by their managers and coworkers.”


“They say ‘confidence shines when you are encouraged to be yourself.’ This is something that to me really resonates here. JPS doesn’t put you in a box and tell you that you have to be a certain way to be a great recruiter, business developer, etc. We appreciate that people can have different personalities and attributes and still be great at what they do in their own way, even two very different people holding the same position. I’ve certainly worked in other companies where you feel pressure to change yourself to be more like the company cultural ideal. On the other hand, here, I’ve always felt welcomed INTO the culture as I am.”


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Company Info

Health Care
U.S. Employees51
HQ Location
Alpharetta, Ga.