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Employees say:


“The company really aims to foster community. From all aspects of work life, this concept seems to be central to the core of who we see ourselves as, and who we want to be.”


“Burwood provides a young, vibrant, and energetic atmosphere—regardless of whether you are an employee who travels into an office every day or if you work remotely. I, for one, I am the latter—and it has never impeded upon the opportunity to engage in the wonderful culture of the company on so many occasions. Whether it’s happy hour on a Wednesday evening, softball and basketball teams, or of course the company retreats in tropical locales—one of the unique things about Burwood Group is the awesome culture. I find myself reaching out to new employees and telling them to ‘get ready, because this experience will be like none other’ as far as the culture goes!”


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Information Technology
U.S. Employees199
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