Tanza Loudenback, CFP®

Tanza Loudenback is a writer, editor, and CFP® with B.A. in print and online journalism from Elon University. Her work explores the often puzzling personal finance issues we all face, from planning for retirement to paying taxes to spending a paycheck wisely.

From 2015 to 2021, Tanza was a top-read author and editor at Insider. While there, she helped build the site’s personal finance coverage, eventually becoming the founding reporter of its service journalism vertical. In addition to covering retirement, financial planning, and wealth-building topics, Tanza led the site’s tax coverage for three seasons, helping readers understand their deductions and credits, choose the best tax software, and keep up with changing tax laws.

During her time as a correspondent and Insider’s resident financial planner, Tanza wrote a bimonthly newsletter, designed a 16-week bootcamp-style financial challenge, and published two e-books.

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