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Industry: Finance

The 31-year-old Blackstone Group and Goldman Sachs alumnus is helping to bring the tech revolution to real estate, an industry notoriously slow to change and stuck in its ways. Deploying a model somewhat akin to crowdfunding, Cadre allows individual investors to pitch in on commercial real estate deals for as little as $50,000. But unlike traditional real estate investment funds—in which investors are at the mercy of fund managers who make decisions on their behalf—Cadre’s platform allows them to pick and choose the specific properties and deals they want a part of. Cadre has drawn a fair amount of scrutiny for its ties to Jared Kushner, who cofounded the company alongside Williams and owns a stake in the company valued at up to $50 million. Recent reports claiming Cadre has received $90 million in funding through secretive offshore vehicles have raised conflict-of-interest questions on Kushner’s part, given his high-ranking position in the Trump administration. But with Cadre approaching a $1 billion valuation that would make it the latest “proptech” unicorn, and Williams having lured investors like Mark Cuban, Peter Thiel, and Jeff Jordan to his cause, this millennial is certainly one to watch.

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