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    Senior director of engineering for Chrome
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Industry: Tech

When Parisa Tabriz joined Google full-time in 2007, she took the title “security princess” rather than the considerably more mundane “software engineer.” A 2016 promotion lent her a new one: “browser boss.” Tabriz is responsible for Google Chrome, a product that serves as a gateway to the web for billions of people. In addition to keeping Chrome safe and secure, Tabriz manages Google’s “project zero” team, a squad of elite hackers tasked with rooting out vulnerabilities in tech products. (You can read more about the group in this 2017 Fortune feature.) Tabriz has been a force for social good as well, mentoring teens, women, and other underrepresented groups in a field often dominated by men. Last year she cofounded OURSA, a security conference designed to counter the diversity imbalance among speakers at other industry confabs such as the RSA Conference.

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