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    VP of artificial intelligence software and the A.I. lab
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Industry: Tech

As the vice president of artificial intelligence software and research at semiconductor giant Intel, Bansal has a lot on his plate. With Nvidia’s graphics chips becoming popular as a way to power deep-learning tasks as well as a new breed of A.I. chip startups emerging, Bansal is charged with keeping Intel ahead of the curve. His team of nearly 100 workers, scattered throughout the U.S., Israel, and Poland, work on A.I. technologies like reinforcement learning and natural-language processing, all intended to help keep Intel’s silicon chips working swimmingly with the latest A.I. software. One of Intel’s key A.I. projects involves specialized computer chips developed by Nervana, the startup cofounded by Bansal and acquired by the chip giant in 2016 in a deal reportedly worth over $350 million. The company revealed new details about the chips at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, whetting the appetite of investors looking for Intel’s next big breakthrough.

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