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    Severn Trent

When Garfield made our list last year, she was a top executive at British Telecom, bringing broadband to the Brits. This year, as the newly installed CEO of Severn Trent, she’s delivering a service even more vital: water. (The UK’s third largest publicly traded water company, Severn Trent supplies to over 8 million Britons.) The move made Garfield the youngest ever female CEO on the FTSE (and one of just five women) and tracks her career’s upward trajectory: in 2013, she was appointed to the board of grocery giant Tesco; in 2014, Fortune named her the 14th Most Powerful Women in Europe, Middle East and Africa. As for the water business, she’s working to make Severn Trent more innovative and customer-focused while protecting its record for issuing the “lowest bills in the land.”