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    CEO and Founder
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    Hampton Creek

Tetrick’s Hampton Creek is best known for its Just Mayo brand of eggless mayonnaise, but it’s more than a condiment company; it’s a food technology company with a social mission. Tetrick’s team of culinary scientists, technologists, and biochemists is aiming to help make our food system more sustainable, affordable, and healthier by creating a new breed of products made from plants (part of the goal: creating an index of all the world’s plants). First came Just Mayo—the top-selling mayonnaise brand in Whole Foods and due in 33,500 stores from Wal-Mart to Tesco by the end of the year. But in two years, Tetrick says mayo will make up less than 3% of the company’s revenue, with the rest coming from new ventures like cookie dough and scrambled eggs made from plants. The endeavor has attracted big name investors like Li Ka-shing, Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, Jerry Yang and Khosla Ventures; Bill Gates has cited Tetrick’s venture as one of three companies leading the reinvention of food.