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    Co-Founder and CEO, OKCupid, CEO, Match Inc.
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At Harvard, Yagan and friends created the popular study guide SparkNotes and sold it for $30 million. Then they made a file-sharing service and scaled it fast before shutting down to avoid going to court. In 2003 he and the same friends thought they could make a free alternative to dating sites eHarmony and, so they created OkCupid, which pioneered the use of data mining in online dating. They sold it to IAC’s in 2011 for $90 million, and last fall Yagan was made CEO of Match Inc. Other companies now use OkCupid’s vast trove of social data, and Yagan, a self-professed introvert who is married to his high school sweetheart, stands as the foremost authority in a fast-growing $2 billion industry.