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When troubled banks and countries around the world get into financial messes, they call BlackRock Solutions for help. Goldstein’s analytics, risk-management, and advisory unit — a 900-person division embedded inside asset-management giant BlackRock that generated more than $500 million in revenue last year — has counseled high-profile clients such as the U.S. government, Ireland, and Greece. Its next challenge? Creating a trading platform that BlackRock’s clients can use to trade bonds with one another, circumventing brokers (and their fees). Goldstein, who has worked at BlackRock since he was 20, was promoted in August to run BlackRock’s institutional business, which has $2.2 trillion in long-term assets. Huge clients and governments will get his personal attention. To cap it off, he’s the youngest person on the firm’s executive committee. Favorite band: He’s a deadhead. –Mina Kimes