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  • Age
  • Title
    Co-founder and former CEO
  • Company
    Buddy Media

To hear Lazerow tell it, Buddy Media wasn’t looking for a buyer for his marketing software startup until Marc Benioff swooped in. Some $750 million later, Lazerow has become the latest successful entrepreneur to join the Salesforce juggernaut. Lazerow, who visited Benioff at his home in Hawaii in August, says the two see eye to eye on pretty much everything. Lazerow is merging his Buddy Media team with the staff of another recent acquisition, Radian6, to create a new marketing cloud division of the company, which he will lead as chief marketing officer. “I’ve been given a responsibility to push the whole company forward and get it out of its own way,” Lazerow says. Benioff has wasted no time propelling his newest executive forward: Lazerow gave the marketing cloud keynote address at Salesforce’s massive Dreamforce 2012 conference last month in front of 80,000 attendees. Viral views: Lazerow posted a video explaining why he sold, expounding on his philosophy of living without fear following several major heart scares. It went viral, earning over 150,000 views. –Alex Konrad