Read the memos that Disney, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, and more sent to staff regarding the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision

Buffalo Starbucks employees are expanding their unionizing efforts to Mesa, Arizona employees.
Starbucks says it will cover abortion travel costs for employees.
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A number of corporate leaders have made public remarks about the Supreme Court’s 6-3 vote to strike down Roe v. Wade. The CEOs of Yelp, Reddit, Dick’s, and more issued statements in the hours following the reversal of the landmark case protecting the right to an abortion.

“When your ability to choose if, when, and how to have children is taken away, so is your bodily autonomy. Reproductive rights are human rights,” Bumble founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd said in a statement on Friday.

Other companies have updated their health benefits in recent months, following Politico’s publication of a leaked draft in May, and the passage of a Texas law last September banning abortions after six weeks gestation. That list includes Match Group, Amazon, and Citigroup.

But in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Friday ruling, an influx of new corporate leaders have made an effort to connect with employees, speaking directly to their workforce. And as the dust settles, it’s likely that more C-Suite executives will address the ruling as they face both internal and external pressure to address how the end of Roe will affect employees. 

“In the past, there had been a knee-jerk assumption that if it’s about abortion, a company won’t touch it; that it’s not a business conversation,” Andrea Hagelgans, the managing director for U.S. Social Issues Engagement at public relations giant Edelman, recently told Fortune. “What you see now is that companies recognize their role as an employer.” 

For employers who have yet to communicate their abortion policies and their stance on reproductive rights with staff, the recent outpouring of corporate messages offers a blueprint. The most impactful memos are sincere, they acknowledge the fear and uncertainty that employees feel, and they provide resources and transparency on the relevant benefit offerings, and how the employer is taking action.

“Even though we have prepared for this scenario, personally and as a company, I know this decision leaves many of you disheartened or in shock,” Sara Kelly, acting EVP of partner resources at Starbucks, told employees in a statement.

The best internal communications also offer logistical clarity, such as how employees can access new abortion benefits, who can utilize such resources⁠—full-time employees only or dependents⁠—and direct employees to appropriate contacts if additional information is needed.

“All these resources are here for you and your loved ones. We encourage you to explore your options and take advantage of what’s available in order to make the medical decisions that best suit your needs,” Paramount Global CEO Bob Bakish and chief people officer Nancy Phillips wrote in an internal memo to staff.

Read the full memos corporate leaders sent to to their workforces in preparation for, and in the wake of, Roe v. Wade’s reversal. Fortune will update the list as more memos become public.



We recognize the impact that today’s Supreme Court ruling could have on many Americans and understand that some of you may have concerns about what that might mean for you and your families, as medical and family planning decisions are deeply personal.

Please know that our company remains committed to removing barriers and providing comprehensive access to quality and affordable care for all of our employees, cast members and their families, including family planning and reproductive care, no matter where they live. In fact, we have processes in place so that an employee who may be unable to access care in one location has affordable coverage for receiving similar levels of care in another location. This travel benefit covers medical situations related to cancer treatments, transplants, rare disease treatment and family planning (including pregnancy-related decisions).

Lastly, we would like to remind you of the range of medical coverage options you have as an eligible employee of The Walt Disney Company, as well as the options for your covered dependents. As medical coverage needs are unique to each of us, we encourage you to contact your medical carrier should you have specific questions about your coverage. You can also learn more about the company’s benefit offerings at, consult the Contacts | Disney Benefits Portal ( or reach out to your HR representative.

Disney will continue to prioritize the health, safety and well-being of our team members and their families.



I’m sure many of you are seeing that the U.S. Supreme Court made its decision to overturn Roe v. Wade today. Even though we have prepared for this scenario, personally and as a company, I know this decision leaves many of you disheartened or in shock.

We all need to process this in our own way, and as you do, here is what I want you to know: no matter where you live, or what you believe, we will always ensure you have access to quality healthcare. And when legislative actions impact your access to healthcare, we will work on ways to make you feel supported.

That’s why we have provided partners enrolled in Starbucks healthcare plan a medical travel reimbursement benefit to access an abortion, and coming soon, access to gender-affirming care. You can learn more about that benefit in my message from last week, and also on the Partner Hub. The impacts of this decision are complex and our Starbucks Advocates are dedicated to working directly with partners year-round with questions about healthcare coverage. They are a knowledgeable resource and a free and confidential service for our partners. 

We are here to support you partners and thank you for taking care of one another in this moment.

Paramount Global


We know that many of us have been closely following the news regarding the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs, which struck down Roe v. Wade and repealed constitutional protections for abortion. Across the country, we have entered a moment of profound uncertainty – from a legal and a policy perspective, as states pursue different paths regarding reproductive rights, but also on a personal level, as we try to understand what services will be accessible, when, where, and to whom.

In the face of this uncertainty, we want to be very clear about what will not change at Paramount.

First, as a community: wherever we stand on this or any other difficult issue, we will continue to treat one another with empathy and respect.

And second, as a company: Paramount will support – as we always have – the choices our employees make about their own health care. This includes the reproductive health and family-building benefits* that help make our company a welcoming place to work. A few benefits I’d like to highlight include:

Reproductive health care through company-sponsored health insurance, including coverage for birth control, elective abortion care, miscarriage care and certain related travel expenses if the covered health service, such as abortion, is prohibited in your area.

Fertility and family building support through Progyny including coverage for IVF, egg freezing and other fertility treatments and services and reimbursement of up to $30,000 for adoption or surrogacy expenses.

Free access to Health Advocate, a confidential service to help you and your family find medical providers, resolve health insurance issues and navigate the healthcare system.

Up to 18 weeks of paid parental leave for a delivering parent (includes 6 weeks of Short Term Disability), up to 12 weeks of paid leave for adoption care or foster care and up to 10 days of paid bereavement leave including pregnancy loss.

24/7 lactation support, including milk shipping for traveling employees, through LifeCare.

Free access to a dedicated behavior expert for support raising children with developmental disabilities or learning, social or behavioral challenges.

We encourage you to visit the Paramount Total Rewards portal for additional details, including parenting information on the Family Planning Resources page. If you have questions about your benefit eligibility, please email the Paramount HR Employee Support Team at

We also understand that some reproductive health care events and decisions can be particularly challenging, so we want to remind everyone of our professional counseling and other mental health services, available 24/7, through our CCA Employee Assistance Program (Company Code: paramount).

All these resources are here for you and your loved ones. We encourage you to explore your options and take advantage of what’s available in order to make the medical decisions that best suit your needs. As ever, we are here to support all members of our community––and will give you and others the space to process this news.


Bob & Nancy

*Please note that you must be in an eligible employee classification for each of the benefits noted; employees whose employment is governed by a collective bargaining agreement are eligible for benefits under that agreement.

Alaska Airlines

Just as we always have, our company will continue to provide employees with extensive benefits to support their health and well-being, no matter where they live. Below is our full message to the employees of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air regarding our commitment to ensuring they have the healthcare they need. 

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the protections previously afforded by Roe and Casey. While the issues at hand are deeply personal, this is a very public event and I know it may generate questions about how Alaska and Horizon provide access to health care through its benefits programs.  

First, I appreciate the range of emotions that you, our guests and members of our communities may be feeling. Our culture of care includes ensuring a work environment where everyone feels safe and respected. Regardless of your individual views, this is a time to demonstrate understanding, empathy and kindness for each other.  

Second, we will continue, just as we always have, to provide employees with extensive benefits to support your health and well-being, no matter where you live. This includes reimbursing travel for certain medical procedures and treatments if they are not available where you live. Today’s Supreme Court decision does not change that. 

Depending on your individual experiences and feelings, today’s news may be distracting. Please remember our number one value of safety, and continue to focus on running a safe operation. If you are unable to focus at the level your role requires, please reach out to your manager or HR partner. We also have resources available to you and your household members through our employee assistance program.  

Please continue to take care of yourself and each other.  

Andy Schneider, senior vice president of People

Condé Nast


Today, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the constitutional right to abortion, allowing individual states to more aggressively regulate or ban the procedure altogether. It is a crushing blow to reproductive rights that have been protected for nearly half a century.

To do all we can to protect access to healthcare, we have made enhancements to our U.S. health benefits to assist covered employees and their covered dependents in obtaining access to reproductive care regardless of where they reside. Employees who need abortion, infertility or gender-affirming services who cannot obtain that care locally are now eligible for reimbursement on travel and lodging. 

The full policy update can be read here and on the Benefits page on Home. 

The most powerful way for us to respond to what’s happening right now is through our brands and the distinctive editorial lenses with which they’re covering today’s news and the effect it will have on society. Our values are clear in the content and journalism we produce.

Our Condé Code states that we never stop looking for ways to revolutionize our culture and improve the ways our audiences experience the world. I have no doubt that we will continue to deliver on that promise and meet the moment.

My best,


Goldman Sachs

Updates to Benefits Coverage for US Employees

We have been reviewing our US health and wellness benefits to ensure we are meeting the needs of our people and their families. We have extended our healthcare travel reimbursement policies to include all medical procedures, treatments and evaluations, including abortion services and gender-affirming care where a provider is not available in proximity to where our people live.

Our updated policy maximizes access to quality healthcare providers anywhere in the US for all of our people, and our health plan carriers have been partnering with us over the past several weeks to operationalize this change, which will become effective on July 1. View more information about this coverage update on GSWeb.

The health and wellbeing of our people and their families are our top priorities, and we will continue to offer resources, including Critical Health Solutions, our on-site health centers and counseling services via the Employee Assistance Program to support you in navigating the evolving healthcare landscape and assessing quality care.

Bentley de Beyer

For internal use only


Team –

Like many of you, I was shocked to read this morning that the Supreme Court reversed decades of precedent and took away a woman’s constitutional right to reproductive freedom established under Roe v. Wade almost 50 years ago.

This decision and its rationale are radical and extreme. It will have devastating consequences by putting the health of countless women at risk. And as is often the case, this decision will have a disproportionate impact on communities of color, rural areas, and women with fewer resources who can’t easily travel out of state to access the care they need.

This decision is outrageous. It is heart-wrenching. And it is wrong.

I always believed if Lime was a person – she would be an optimist, an urbanist, and a fierce advocate for civil rights, human rights, and justice. This is why Lime advocates for policy positions beyond transportation; this is why climate and sustainability are core to our mission. And this is why Lime will not stay silent in a moment like this when women’s rights are under attack.

As we all begin to process the implications of this ruling, I want to be clear: Lime stands with your right to make your own decisions about your own health.

Lime has always supported women’s fundamental right to reproductive freedom and we’ll continue to do so despite this decision. Here’s how we’re taking action right now:

  1. All Lime U.S. health plans currently cover reproductive care, including legal abortions. We’re actively working with our benefits providers to cover additional travel assistance for those who live in states where access is limited or unavailable. This work will include ways on how to confidentially seek this assistance.
  2. In the interim, where benefits do not include travel assistance, Lime will commit to covering all travel and accommodation expenses for any Lime employee or their listed dependents seeking access to abortion care.

Your health and safety are our priority, and we’ll continue to examine ways we as an organization can support the fight to restore this right and partner with organizations that provide access to all.

Meanwhile, I know these are difficult times. Please know that members of our ERG, Women@Lime are here for you. I am here for you. We have resources like our Employee Assistance Program that can provide additional support to you and your families.



Supporting employee health and well-being

​​At JPMorgan Chase, we’re committed to providing our employees best-in-class health care benefits. That’s why we’re continually investing in and exploring ways to improve health outcomes and strengthen our benefit offerings. In fact, we’re proud to say JPMC was recently recognized by the Business Group on Health as a 2022 Best Employer for Excellence in Health & Well-being for advancing employee well-being through comprehensive, innovative benefits and initiatives. 

Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’re expanding the covered benefits we offer under the U.S. Medical Plan. In addition, we’re excited to share some of the investments we’re making in new health care solutions. Keep reading to learn more!

New and enhanced benefits offerings

Effective in July, you will be able to access additional covered benefits under the U.S. Medical Plan. Some of these include family building benefits, such as cryopreservation, to provide more flexibility in considering when to start a family. Others include new health care navigation tools and enhanced benefits for LGBT+ employees. We will also expand our existing health care travel benefit, which today covers certain services such as organ transplants, to all covered health care services that can only be obtained far from your home.

In addition, we continue to focus on enhancing our resources and programs to support our employees’ emotional and mental health and well-being. You can find many of these on the Mental Health Awareness website (go/mentalhealth), which includes links to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), toolkits, the This is Me program and other resources. We recently added new resources focused on addiction and other topics including managing stress and anxiety in today’s uncertain times, and resilience through trauma.

More details on the expanded benefits will be provided in the coming weeks. In the meantime, see the FAQs for answers to some of the questions you may have.

Investing in health outcomes

In 2021, we launched Morgan Health, a new business unit that partners with our HR Benefits team to help deliver and scale leading-edge health care models that improve the quality, equity and affordability of health care for our employees and the industry more broadly. 

One example is our recent investment in Vera Whole Health ― a health care company that provides an advanced primary care experience that helps drive improved health outcomes. We’re planning to deploy new services from Vera to our employees in Columbus, OH, in the coming months. 

Another example is adding Kaiser Permanente as a health care option for our employees in California this year. Kaiser’s holistic care model enables experts to collaborate across departments and specialties for faster diagnosis, treatment and recovery. This cross-collaboration also helps to identify gaps in care. By partnering with Kaiser, we will be able to gain insight into and help address these gaps.

Through these and other investments and partnerships, we will learn what models and tools have the greatest impact, and use those learnings to help shape our health care strategy in the future.


As a reminder, the following resources are available to help answer questions you may have about services covered under the U.S. Medical Plan.



Dear teammates,

You are the heart of our business, and we are committed to protecting your health and well-being.

Today, the Supreme Court announced a decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, removing the federal right to an abortion and leaving the decision up to each state.

While we do not know what decision each state will make in response to this ruling, we at DICK’S Sporting Goods are prepared to ensure that all teammates have consistent and safe access to the benefits we provide, regardless of the state in which you live.

In response to today’s ruling, we are announcing that if the state you live in restricts access to abortion, DICK’S Sporting Goods will provide up to $4,000 in travel expense reimbursement to travel to the nearest location where that care is legally available. This benefit will be provided to any teammate, spouse or dependent enrolled in our medical plan, along with one support person.

We recognize people feel passionately about this topic — and that there are teammates and athletes who will not agree with this decision. However, we also recognize that decisions involving health and families are deeply personal and made with thoughtful consideration. We are making this decision so our teammates can access the same health care options, regardless of where they live, and choose what is best for them.


Today the Supreme Court announced the historic decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, officially removing the federal right to an abortion and leaving the decision to individual states. Though this decision was expected after a draft leaked in May, it is still shocking and the results of this ruling will be deeply felt. 

We recognize how this impacts our people and so many across the country, and we want to make our stance clear that this is not only a women’s issue, but a human rights issue. This decision is in fundamental conflict with our mission and our ethos, as we are a company rooted in dismantling barriers and equipping people with the tools they need to improve their quality of life.   

Your leadership team is working alongside Communications and HR on a plan that includes:

  • How we are planning to support employees through these changes
  • How we as a company can support all of those who are affected by the decision nationwide 

In the meantime, if you are looking for more information or feel compelled to take action, we’ve listed some resources below:

We want to ensure that as a company, we are taking the time to properly reflect and act. Please expect to hear more about a detailed action plan next week. 

With gratitude,

Wemimo Abbey and Samir Goel

Co-founders and Co-CEOs


Hi all,

Just minutes ago, the Supreme Court released their decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, ending the constitutional right to an abortion and paving a path for bans across half the country. While our team is still reading through the near-90 page ruling, I want to share how I’m thinking about ways we can care more for those most impacted by this critical moment.

Last year, we began planning for this moment, asking how we could best support those most impacted by this ruling. The answer, perhaps surprisingly, was birth control.

Like many of you, I joined this organization because of our mission and the opportunity we have to make a difference. Today, I’m as committed as ever to expanding access to care – especially for the 36 million women and people who menstruate who live in one of the 26 states poised to ban abortion now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned. We have a critical role to play here – for our patients and for those who face the most barriers to care, including people of color, people with low incomes and people whose closest OB-GYN or pharmacy aren’t a quick walk or drive away. And while birth control and emergency contraception will never obviate the need for abortion, there’s plenty we can do by digging into our core competency. While there’s even more to do to realize our full vision of becoming the most trusted healthcare platform for Gen Z women and people who menstruate, we must first focus on meeting the moment.

We can step in to serve the millions of people receiving birth control from providers being forced to shutter. We can assist providers in safe-haven states managing a surge in contraceptive demand as out-of-state patients flood their doors. We can offer a continuum of care for those traveling to receive the care they need. And, as always, we are a critical solution for the tens of millions of people in need of birth control across the country who otherwise struggle to obtain it – whether it’s because they live in a contraceptive desert or one of the six states where pharmacists can refuse to dispense emergency contraception, or are facing a traditional barrier to care, such as struggling to secure childcare or time off from work or school.

I’m proud of everything we’ve done up in the lead to next week, including:

  • Introducing our own abortion leave policy and helping to pave the way for other companies for other companies to do the same;
  • Launching standalone emergency contraception delivery;
  • Creating resources for anyone wondering what the Supreme Court’s decision could mean for them;
  • Voicing our support for those impacted by this decision via our advocacy campaign, with digital billboards live in Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, and Phoenix for 4 weeks; and,
  • Partnering with Power to Decide, Abortion Care Network, and Hey Jane to give our patients a direct line to the support they need.

All of these campaigns meet the moment, serve our mission — to empower women and people who menstruate to live their healthiest lives — and further reinforce our brand.

The importance of our work has never been more clear and I’m proud to stand with you as we address this historic moment.



Supporting each other—today’s Supreme Court decision

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled that a woman’s right to an abortion is a state’s matter rather than a federal one and overturned the law that made it a federally protected medical procedure (Roe v. Wade). It is, no doubt, a decision that raises strong feelings for many of our employees. It also stirs up deep emotions for me as a woman, a mother, an ally for many, and executive sponsor of our Women at ServiceNow group.

I want to take a moment to reiterate that, at ServiceNow, our priority remains protecting our employees and their families. This means ensuring safe access to healthcare. This means standing up for people’s right to decide about their own bodies and future. That will never change.

This is likely one of the most deeply personal, intense situations we will ever work through as a culture. We shouldn’t take for granted that any team, even one as strong as ours, can easily cope with this intensity. To be clear, we are now over 18,000 colleagues strong. There are likely thousands of personal perspectives about what has happened here. Each of us has a right to our personal view.

Please keep this in mind: This is a sensitive time for many of us, for this team, our communities, and our customers. At the same time, this is a moment for us all to lean in with our shared humanity, our empathy, our understanding. Doing so is how we live our value to create belonging.

On Monday, June 27, members of the P4 will be holding a listening meeting with our Women at ServiceNow Employee Belonging Group—and anyone else who wishes to join. Details about the session will be shared in the Women at ServiceNow channel soon. I also encourage you to create space for and check in on your colleagues and teams while this decision is new. This is something that reaches far and wide, including people across ethnicities, faiths, and LGBTQ+ communities.

Providing safe access to healthcare is an essential aspect of our employee benefits. We made a promise to every person who joined ServiceNow: we will ensure your access to healthcare is second to none. We will never waver on that promise and actively work to preserve it. Our medical plans already cover abortion procedures and the associated travel. And our Global People team has been hard at work reviewing all our coverage policies and leaves of absence to make sure our team is prepared to support any employee who may see further changes in laws where they live.

While today’s verdict applies to the U.S., this is no doubt a global issue. So, while we recognize this conversation might be considered a privilege in many contexts around the globe, it is important we address it because it underscores our belief in equity for all.

In closing, I want you to know that every member of our leadership team is behind you. Your colleagues and teams are here to support you. While this decision is new, one thing remains the same—we will never waver from our priority of protecting you and your families. You’re not alone. We’re in this together.


Dear ‘Birds,

Abortion rights is not a topic that we express outwardly as a brand, but it is one that directly affects the rights and lives of our employees, and hence, we want to address this directly and quickly.

Tomorrow, over half our country will wake up with fewer rights than the day before, or even decades ago. This feels counter to the progress for equity and self-autonomy we expect and demand.

There are dozens of states that will enact laws that will legally prohibit abortion, some as soon as today. We have stores and employees in these states, and our first priority is to consider and care for the members of our Flock. 

If you are an employee who would like to seek an abortion, we will support you in that effort. Should you have to incur travel to reach a state that legally allows an abortion and you would like to exercise your right to do so, we will cover your travel cost to ensure that you can make the decision that is right for you. We will also cover costs for someone to travel with you, and to cover any child care you need during that time. Please reach out to your People business partner to talk through options or organize this support.

Lastly, we recognize that this may be a moment where you feel helpless, angry or saddened by this decision and what it means as a loss of autonomy and a step backwards in the fight for equality. Next week, the Ladybirds ERG will host a forum to discuss the impact of this and simply provide a safe space to express your views. Information for the online forum will be shared on Monday. We also remind you that our nonprofit donation matching program is available, and there are wonderful organizations that fight to protect abortion rights that qualify for this option.

In Solidarity,

Tim & Joey


Team –

I have the honor and privilege of serving as your US Chair and Senior Partner. This not only means that I have the responsibility of leading you and representing PwC in the marketplace, it also means I have the responsibility of leading by example – both in my words and actions and to set the tone for our amazing firm. 

In that vein, I would like to address yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling and I would like to address it from a few perspectives – our values, our benefits and then my own. 

First – Our values. We are a diverse firm in every sense of the word – from gender and race to our backgrounds, religious beliefs, personal experiences, hobbies, and our politics. It is that very diversity that makes us better. It keeps us continually growing and learning, which allows us to be a world-class organization in terms of providing value to our clients and other stakeholders. One thing that we do have in common, however, is our values – and specifically, our care and respect for each other. 

Second – Our benefits. It has always been our goal to have industry-leading benefits in place for our people so you can make the best personal decisions for yourself and your families at various stages of life. This is critical to making us a great place to work and attracting and retaining the people we need to serve our clients. We also know that benefits are not a one-size-fits-all approach, so we offer a variety of ways to support what matters most to you. Among our many long-standing benefits are support for people in all stages of family planning, from offering reimbursement for certain costs associated with donor programs, as well as adoption and surrogacy, to providing up to 12 weeks parental leave for parents to bond with their new additions, prenatal and postnatal counseling and breastfeeding assistance. Through our health insurance, we also offer health care services and related expenses for pregnancy termination. And, through the PwC Charitable Foundation and the People Who Care Fund, our people can apply for financial assistance grants based on hardship needs to cover items such as travel, lodging or expenses, whether that be pregnancy-related, cancer treatments, or something else. Our Talent Consultants are here to support you if you want more information on any of our benefits. As always, we will continue to assess our benefits to ensure that they are world-class. 

Third – My perspective. My perspective is formed by listening to all of you – so thank you for writing to me, saying hi in the hallways and stopping me at airports to share your perspectives on this and so many other topics. Your feedback and openness is a gift that I appreciate – it makes me a better person and leader and ultimately, makes us a stronger firm.

The Supreme Court ruling, on both sides of the outcome, is a deeply personal and emotional topic. Some share their opinions publicly and others carry them at the forefront of their minds, but keep their thoughts private. Based on your feedback and reach outs, I know that three things are true. First, I know that many of you are hurting as a result of the ruling and in anticipation of what might be next. Second, I know that many of you are worried about speaking up in support of the ruling. And third, there will likely be more issues ahead of us where there is a perceived “winner” and a “loser” and, regardless of the topic, we will have people on both sides of it. 

As your Chair and Senior Partner, I want you to know that I care deeply about all of you. I want you to know that I am here for you. I will not judge anyone’s personal views and personally, I grow in hearing others’ perspectives and the stories behind those views. That said, we must care for and respect each other and be a safe place where people feel that they can talk about their feelings, regardless of their beliefs.  

In closing, I know that some of you will think that I haven’t said enough in this note and that some of you will think that I’ve said too much. What I hope you take away from it is that I care. Please take care of yourselves and thank you for all that you do for each other, our clients and our communities. 


Hi everyone, 

This morning the US Supreme Court issued a ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization that rolls back Roe v. Wade.

This is a profound change for the country that deeply effects so many of us, especially women. Everyone will respond in their own way, whether that’s wanting space and time to process, speaking up, volunteering outside of work, not wanting to discuss it at all , or something else entirely. Please be mindful of what your co-worker many be feeling and, as always, treat each other with respect. 

Equity is extraordinarily important to us as a company, and we share concerns about the impact this ruling will have on people’s health, lives and careers. We will keep working to make information on reproductive healthcare accessible across our products and continue our work to protect user privacy.

To support Googlers and their dependents, our US benefits plan and health insurance covers out-of-state medical procedures that are not available where an employee live and works. Googlers can also apply for relocation without justification, and those overseeing this process will be aware of the situation. If you need additional support, please connect 1:1 with a People Consultant.

We will be arranging support sessions for Googlers in the US in the coming days. These will be posted to Googler News.

Please don’t hesitate to lean on your Google community in the days ahead and continue to take good care of yourselves and each other.


Dear U.S. Colleagues,

As many of us expected, the reactions to today’s Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade have been intense all day. Whatever your view on this issue, it tends to be both emotional and personal for all of us. There is simply a lot for many of us to process right now.

As always, we are guided at Zoetis by our Core Beliefs and purpose to nurture the world, and we will continue to do so by investing in the health, safety and well-being of our colleagues and their families.   

I want to take a moment to express our support for our colleagues and reinforce the comprehensive healthcare benefits we offer. In particular, all of Zoetis’ existing healthcare plans cover a variety of women’s reproductive health services — and that will continue to be the case. As part of our benefits, colleagues who need healthcare services not available in their geographic area are also able to receive travel benefits for those services.Ensuring you have access to providers, procedures or prescription drugs for your health and wellness needs will remain a priority for us, as it always has.

I am proud of the hard work we have all undertaken over the last few years at Zoetis to build a more inclusive culture where we seek to understand and respect our different views and backgrounds. As divided as our country is at this point, there has never been a more important time for us at Zoetis to live our Core Beliefs. While colleagues may be on different sides of today’s ruling, I take heart in knowing that we genuinely respect each other’s differences, even if we don’t always agree. 

I hope each of you can take a moment today and over the weekend to make time and space to care for yourself – by calling a colleague, friend or family member, taking a break from work, or engaging with our Employee Assistance Plan resources as needed.

At Zoetis, we are always stronger together.

Kristin Peck

Chief Executive Officer


Dear All,

As a company grounded in values, equity, and Respect for All, we believe that all our employees and their families should have the ability to safely access the same leading healthcare options as their colleagues, no matter where they live. From outstanding cancer care to best-in-class transplant surgery and beyond, Sephora believes industry specialists, specialty services, and healthcare “centers of excellence” should be accessible to all.

However, this philosophy is currently facing challenges across the country. As you have all seen, the leak of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade threatens women’s lawful and safe access to reproductive healthcare, as well as women’s right to privacy – both of which are essential to women’s equality. In a company where more than 80% of our workforce are female identifying, we have a responsibility to protect the well-being and health of all employees, especially when our employees face serious public health consequences should the Court undo fifty years of progress and precedent.

While the Court’s decision is not final, we have heard from many of you across FSC, our stores, and our DCs expressing your concerns amidst what is a very uncertain time. We know that there are many perspectives on abortion that are deeply personal, and we can and should respect personal perspectives and differences in the workplace. At the same time, we want to let you know where Sephora stands as an employer and what we are doing.

The final Supreme Court decision could unfortunately impact Sephora employees in a variety of ways, especially those who reside in states that may eventually eliminate access to reproductive healthcare. In keeping with our strong conviction around healthcare equity, we are planning to update our US benefits policies to ensure Sephora employees and their families have equitable access to high-quality and critical healthcare. Our vision is that by October 1st, our soonest upcoming benefits cycle, if you live in a state that decides to restrict access to reproductive healthcare, Sephora will support travel costs to a state where you can safely receive treatment.

As we noted above, these new health benefits go beyond reproductive care, and we are expanding travel benefits to include a range of health needs that may not be supported by your local market. This includes access to gender affirming care as well as transplant, bariatric, orthopedic, cardiac, and cancer centers of excellence. This new benefit is part of our broader support for the range of needs we see across our diverse U.S. workforce, and our aim is to support our employees with benefits that enable everyone to make the healthcare decisions they choose, which includes assistance for maternity, fertility, and adoption.

We are working through the logistics of these changes and actions and will share more information in late July with our Open Enrollment communication. However, if you have questions, concerns, or feedback in the interim, we encourage you to speak with your manager or HRBP.

Lastly, we also realize there are millions of people who will not have access to this type of support, which is why Sephora will continue to partner with and support our equity advisors and nonprofit partners in their efforts to ensure equality and Respect for All. As always, we will strive to put equity at the heart of our long-term people decisions and will do so proactively.


Hologic’s purpose is enabling healthier lives everywhere, every day, and our passion is to be global champions for women’s health.  Through this lens, we are concerned that women’s health and women’s rights in the U.S. are taking a significant step backward with the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade.

We know that many people in our organization have strong views – positive, negative, or mixed – about the Court’s historic ruling. Despite varying personal opinions, as an organization dedicated to advancing women’s health, Hologic believes that all women, including our employees and their families, deserve access to the best and most comprehensive healthcare.

Hologic’s U.S. health insurance plans will continue to offer comprehensive reproductive health coverage, including abortion services.  Although a significant majority of our employees live in states where access will likely remain legal, there will be many states where abortion care will no longer be available.  To address this gap, Hologic has expanded our medical coverage to include reimbursement for eligible travel expenses when traveling more than 100 miles to obtain abortion services where they are legal. BCBS and HealthAdvocate will provide more information, including how to find potential providers.

Please remember you have access to employee benefits that provide counseling and a wide range of additional emotional support services through Lyra. Your mental health is as important as your physical health, and you’re encouraged to engage these services, whether to work through specific health situations or more generalized concerns and stressors of the broader environment.  

Hologic will continue to prioritize the well-being of our employees and their families.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Benefits team at 

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