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Twitter Rolls Out New Dark Mode For iOS

Twitter rolled out a new iOS update Thursday with expanded dark mode options. Now in addition to the blue-gray dark mode that the app already had, it now has a “Lights Out” mode as well as an automatic dark mode.

The “Lights Out” mode uses a pure black color palette that omits no light thanks to the pixels on your screen being turned off. Twitter says that the mode can potentially help with saving battery, and suggests it as a good option for people who want to use a darker mode than Twitter’s previous offering on low lit environments.

And finally, Twitter also announced a new Automatic Dark Mode options for iOS users. That will allow users to choose to have their device automatically switch from light to the dark mode theme of their choice according to their timezone. So you can set things up so that your phone recognizes what time it is and makes the transition for you without you even having to think about it.

The lights out mode, as well as automatic dark mode feature, are available now in the newest version of the Twitter app for iOS.