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Hershey’s Debuts First New Seasonal Hershey’s Kisses in a Decade

Hershey’s Kisses are jumping on the increasingly popular bandwagon of offering short-term alternative flavors.

For the first time in 10 years, the bite-sized chocolates will introduce a new seasonal flavor: Hot Cocoa Kisses. The candies will wrap a sweet marshmallow cream center with the familiar drop-shaped chocolate shell. They’ll technically go on sale Nov. 1, but several stores are already offering them.

Hershey’s is looking to shore up softening earnings as it moves into Fiscal 2019. The company has previously announced it plans to increase prices by an average of 2.5% next year. Another way to lure customers is with new flavors.

That’s a strategy that’s increasingly popular with some brands (we’re looking at you, Oreo). Limited-time offerings, especially those tied to a season, can build buzz and bring back customers who have wandered to competitor brands. Hershey’s recently launched its first candy bar in 22 years, Hershey’s Gold, amid much fanfare during the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Kisses are a key part of the Hershey’s brand. Earlier this year, the company spent $500 million to launch a program that will look at ways to produce Kisses from more sustainable cocoa, which could also help eliminate child labor.

Other, familiar seasonal Kisses will also make their debut on store shelves soon, including the popular candy cane flavor, which combines white chocolate and pieces of peppermint candy.