HQ Trivia Is Going to Let You See Your Friends’ Answers to Questions

May 9, 2018, 6:01 PM UTC

Starting Friday, you’ll be able to see how your friends answer questions in HQ Trivia, and maybe use their answers to get you closer to a big cash prize.

Available only on Fridays going forward, HQ Trivia users will be able to create their own avatar and then place it next to their answer to a particular question so their friends can see. Your “friends” in the app are created by connecting your phone’s address book to the app.

A ‘Nearby Friends’ feature will also allow HQ Trivia players to see other people who are playing the game near them who are not in their address book — so you can theoretically make friends (or accidentally out yourself to your boss).

HQ Trivia launched a “Friends on HQ” feature in April which allows users to see what friends are playing the game.

The game has grown considerably since its launch, and now regularly has more than 2 million players competing live each game. HQ Trivia has also brought on a number of sponsors that have offered big pots for winning. Most recently, Duane “The Rock” Johnson hosted an HQ Trivia game with a $300,000 prize as a promotional stunt for the movie Rampage.