Kanye West Tweets About Starting VC Fund, Meeting With Billionaire Peter Thiel

April 26, 2018, 4:19 PM UTC
Photograph by Dimitrios Kambouris 2016

Kanye is back with a bang.

In addition to writing “a real-time philosophy book” on Twitter, the rapper has also made some wild claims in the last few days. On Wednesday, West alluded to his plans around a new venture capital fund called “Yeezy VC” that would invest in food, clothing, shelter, and communications.

If true, West would be the latest celebrity to enter the VC world. Fellow entertainment moguls Jay-Z and Ashton Kutcher have also been making venture investments in the last few years.

Venture capitalist Chris Sacca replied to West’s tweet saying, “But would you still wear a Patagonia vest with a blue shirt and some khaki pants? Pretty sure that’s industry required attire.”

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Several hours later, West tweeted about his desire to meet with Alphabet CEO Larry Page and Apple CEO Tim Cook. He also claimed that he’s glad “Peter Teal” would like to take his meeting. West later deleted the tweet and corrected the spelling of Peter Thiel’s name, the billionaire behind VC firm Founders Fund.

It’s unclear whether West’s VC ambitions are at all related with his desire to meet with Thiel, but according to Axios, the duo has reportedly met in the past and there’s mutual interest in meeting again.

Finally, West claimed that his Yeezy apparel business was “the second-fastest growing business in history” and used the Silicon Valley buzzword “decacorn” to describe it. A “decacorn” refers to a privately held startup worth more than $10 billion. Of course, Yeezy is not a startup, but rather a brand partnership with Adidas.

West has tweeted five times in the period of time it took to write this article, so it appears that these types of tweetstorms are only beginning.

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