Your Next Pair of Sneakers Could Be Made From Recycled Gum

April 24, 2018, 4:51 PM UTC

Sneakers and gum have always had a strained relationship. But that could change soon.

Three companies have come together to create sneakers that use recycled chewing gum in hopes of giving you the comfort only gum can deliver. The sneakers, called Gumshoe, use a recycled compound made by sustainability company Gumdrop. That compound, called Gum-Tec, is 20% chewing gum. Designer Explicit Wear and marketing firm Iamsterdam are also involved in the development of the Gumshoe sneakers, according to The Verge, which interviewed the companies involved.

In order to collect the gum, Gumdrop travels around the streets of Amsterdam and scrapes up discarded gum, the company told The Verge. Every 2.2 pounds of gum can be integrated into the soles of four pairs of sneakers, according to Gumdrop. And since a whopping 3.3 million pounds of game is dropped onto Amsterdam’s streets each year, there’s plenty to go around.

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But there’s more to the gum soles than meets the eye.

The pink Gumshoe sole not only looks like your favorite chewing gum, it even smells like it. So if you catch the subtle hint of spearmint as you walk, it’s not your breath — it’s your sneakers. And no, it won’t be stickier than standard rubber soles.

So, if you’re interested in reclaiming the gum you spit on the sidewalk, the Gumshoe speakers might be a good bet. They’ll be available starting in June for 190 euros ($232).