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Left-Leaning Hotel for Progressives To Open Blocks From Trump Hotel in D.C.

A new hotel is planned for Washington, D.C. next year that will have an overtly political bent—one that the creator hopes will be a central part of its appeal.

The hotel, Eaton Workshop, is aimed liberal-leaning guests staying in the nation’s capital. “We believe that we’re a step toward a more humane business that provides space for community building and learning in a world that needs it, and we think hospitality can be a tremendous catalyst for social and environmental impact,” founder Katherine Lo said in a statement to Fortune.

Eaton Workshop will not only serve as a hotel, acording to Lo. It will also serve as a wellness center, co-working space, radio station, screening room, concert venue, and home to fireside chats about social change.

While Lo began to explore this idea in 2014, it fits snugly into today’s polarized post-Trump political climate. “Pretty much anyone can stay there, but we do believe that [the customer base] is almost self-selecting,” Lo told Fast Company. She told Bloomberg that “the goal isn’t to bring together left and right.”

The hotel, to be located just north of the National Mall, will have 209 rooms. It will be located just blocks away from the Trump International Hotel, which has a conservative-leaning image in line with the president.

A second Eaton Workshop location is planned for Hong Kong, with additional locations possible in San Francisco and Seattle, according to Bloomberg. A room in the D.C. hotel will cost $250 to $300 nightly, Fast Company reports.

Eaton Workshop’s parent company is Great Eagle Holdings, which also has Langham Hospitality Group under its umbrella.

Lo wants some of the hotel’s proceeds to go back into funding artist residencies.

“I want to see whether this global hotel brand could be the first legally incorporated as a B-corp,” Lo told Fast Company. “I’m researching that with this precedent, and the purpose of that would be to ensure that a social mission is legally incorporated into Eaton’s charter.”

B-corporations are defined as “for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency,” according to the certification site. Lo sees Eaton Workshop as a natural extension of other socially conscious industries—clothing, food service, fine dining, cosmetics, technology, and travel. There are already conscious hotels, but they’re not explicitly branded or marketed as such.